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Introducing the Smelly Towel Cleaner 2-Pack from Smelly Washer®

  • Remove Odor and Residue From Your Washing Machine
  • Pleasant Garden Fragrance
  • Boosters & Brighten Colors
  • Organic & Safe
  • 2-Pack

More about the Smelly Towel Cleaner 2-Pack

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Washing Machine Smell

Does your new washing machine or laundry smell funny? Our new Smelly Towel Cleaner is recommended by cleaning experts* to safely and easily clean the entire tub. Too much detergent, fabric softener and low water temperature can add to the odor in your machine, and while high efficiency washing machines are praised for using less water, they are also prone to odor for that very reason.

*Recommended by Linda Cobb, "the queen of clean"

Smelly Towel Cleaner 2-Pack

Each bottle can provide up to a full year of clean odor-free appliances. With a pleasant garden fragrance, boosters to brighten colors, Smelly Towel cleaner makes your towels, clothes, and laundry cleaner and fluffier! Now, you can easily maintain your washer freshness, all while doing laundry

How To Use

For preventive maintenance add a cap of cleaner either through the detergent dispenser (even liquid dispensers), or directly into the tub and run a cleaning, or soak cycle. If neither are available, use in a hot setting and push “pause” to allow a soak.

2 Bottles for ONE LOW PRICE!

Make your towels, clothes, and laundry cleaner and fresher

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